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Yosemite Point
Yosemite Point is just a little over a mile away from the top of upper Yosemite Falls.

2004yosemite-uppyosemitefalls0021 Stairs up to Yosemite Point. 2004yosemite-yosemitept0001 2004yosemite-yosemitept0002 2004yosemite-yosemitept0008 2004yosemite-yosemitept0010 Half Dome from Yosemite Point. 2004yosemite-yosemitept0015 2004yosemite-yosemitept0016 2004yosemite-yosemitept0017 2004yosemite-yosemitept0030 Upper Yosemite Falls trail.