Agile Management of Dynamic Collaboration

Project Overview


  • August: A Distributed Calendar Program

    August is a calendar program written in Java. It can be used as a single-user calendar program or a distributed calendar program for a group of users. In August, each user has a calendar and can specify policy. Policy determines who is allowed to view which part of the user's calendar and who is allowed to add an activity of a certain kind at a certain time. Each August user declares different roles (or groups), e.g., friends, family members, colleagues, etc., and defines the members of these roles. Users may use delegation in defining role members. For example a user may specify that "my family members' friends are also friends". This adds many users to a role, using a single policy statement.

  • Digital U-STOR-IT: Secure Web-based File Sharing

  • U-STOR-IT is a web-based file sharing system. A user connects to U-STOR-IT using a browser. User authentication is done using client-side certificates, generated by the U-STOR-IT Certification Authority site. Users control access to their lockers and files by specifying policy statements, which may refer to other users' group-definition statements. U-STOR-IT also provides collaboration tools such as basic version control, per-file bulletin board, and in-system messaging.

  • Secure Jini / Java RMI Toolkit

  • The Secure Jini / Java RMI Toolkit is a collection of Java classes and a methodology for applying them to RMI-based applications, including RMI-based Jini applications.