The Pairing-Based Cryptography Library


Description Thanks!


PBC library source code

Windows binaries and DLL; compiled with MinGW

PBC Go Wrapper


Nik Unger


Homebrew, an installer for OS X

[PBC Ubuntu packages]

Ubuntu packages, also Gentoo portage overlay

Paul Miller


Perl module

Paul Miller


Python 3 bindings

Geremy Condra


Java port, Java wrappers

Angelo De Caro


C++ wrappers

Aniket Kate


Patch to remove nested functions (for OS X)

Jó Ágila Bitsch

[PBC for handheld devices]

ARM architectures, e.g. Linux Familiar and WinCE

KISON research group, UOC

Microsoft Visual C++ conversion

Michael Cheng

MNT curve parameters

The PBC git repository is

The PBC library requires the GMP library.

The MNT parameters given above are for all D less than a million yielding subgroup sizes at least 80 bits and less than 300 bits long. They were generated using test programs bundled with PBC library.


Released under the GNU General Public License.