Appendix A. Contributors

Ben Lynn wrote the original PBC library and documentation and is still maintaining and developing it.

Hovav Shacham wrote the multiexponentiation, sliding windows and preprocessed exponentiation routines, Makefile improvements, and other enhancements. He also helps administer the mailing list.

Joseph Cooley wrote the GNU build system files, tested the library on Mac OS X, and added miscellaneous improvements. Among other things, pairings can be read from memory buffer and most compile-time warnings were removed.

Rob Figueiredo and Roger Khazan wrote changes which allow the PBC library to be compiled on Windows (via mingw).

Dmitry Kosolapov sent in manual corrections, and wrote several cryptosystem demos.

John Bethencourt sent in many helpful patches, e.g. fixes that allow PBC to work on 64-bit platforms.

Paul Miller reported bugs, manual corrections and also wrote the Gentoo portage overlay for PBC.

If you’re not mentioned here but should be, please let me know! (blynn at cs dot stanford dot edu).