A Limerick

Found on several maths humour sites. (I changed z to t so it works with more dialects of English.)

\[\int^{\sqrt[3]{3}}_1 t^2 dt \cos \frac{3 \pi}{9} = \log \sqrt[3]{e} \]
Integral t-squared dt
From one to the cube root of three
    Times the cosine
    Of three pi on nine
Equals log the cube root of e.

More limericks

When procrastinating as an undergrad I’d occasionally compose limericks. Recently I found some in an old text file:

When one is writing a thesis,
As the remaining time decreases,
  One eats and sleeps less
  And suffers so much stress
That all rational thought just ceases.
Said the donut to the cup, "Isn’t it magnificent?
Although we seem very different,
  From a topologist’s view
  I’m related to you,
Because we’re homotopically equivalent."
I think I’ll need a lobotomy
After all this algebraic topology,
  For every object I face
  Becomes a Hausdorff space,
And I’ll compute its singular homology.

I don’t understand all of them anymore!

Ben Lynn blynn@cs.stanford.edu 💡