Queries on Encrypted Data Library

Run make on all the algorithms:

make all
(Running make all is equivalent to running make setup, make gentoken, make encrypt, and make query.)

Then call each algorithm, with the appropriate files populated (see Input Files for more information on what input files are needed).

Populate file myhveformat and use it to generate keys files myprivkey and mypubkey:
./setup myprivkey mypubkey myhveformat

Populate file myhvecontent and use the file myprivkey to generate a token file mytoken:
./gentoken mytoken myprivkey myhvecontent

Populate file enc_hvecontent and use the file mypubkey to generate a ciphertext file myciphertext:
./encrypt myciphertext mymessagekey mypubkey enc_hvecontent

Use token file mytoken and ciphertext file myciphertext to generate a message key file newmessagekey.
./query newmessagekey mytoken myciphertext
If newmessagekey is null, the answer to the query algorithm is no.