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Trip 3
We flew north to Point Reyes and looped back down the Sacramento river. Because of all the rain, the hills and surroundings were a lush green. Serene saw a whale while we were flying around the coast of Point Reyes.

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flying2005-01 Serene waiting while Ray prepares the plane. flying2005-02 San Francisco Airport. flying2005-03 San Francisco skyline. The Bay Bridge is in the background. flying2005-04 From Palo Alto airport, we flew west to the coast and headed north to Point Reyes over the ocean, passing the Golden Gate Bridge. flying2005-05 Marin headlands just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. flying2005-06 Stinson Beach. flying2005-07 Farallon islands. flying2005-08 Point Reyes. The lighthouse is on the left end. flying2005-09 flying2005-10 flying2005-11 flying2005-12 Point Reyes Lighthouse. flying2005-13 flying2005-14 Point Reyes Lighthouse. flying2005-15 flying2005-16 flying2005-17 flying2005-18 Point Reyes. On the upper right are trees planted in a shape of a pitchfork. flying2005-19 flying2005-20 Ray landed here to log the flight miles as a cross country flight.
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