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Trip 3
We flew north to Point Reyes and looped back down the Sacramento river. Because of all the rain, the hills and surroundings were a lush green. Serene saw a whale while we were flying around the coast of Point Reyes.

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flying2005-21 Six Flags Marine World. flying2005-22 Quarry. flying2005-23 Decommissioned Navy ships berthed in the Sacramento River. There's a aircraft carrier at the end of the bottom row. flying2005-24 flying2005-25 The aircraft carrier is on the bottom right. flying2005-26 Mount Diablo. flying2005-27 Misson Peak, looking from the north. flying2005-28 Sunol. flying2005-29 Evaporation pools for manufacturing salt. flying2005-30 Huge mounds of salt. These are supposedly the brightest objects on the west coast.