The Pairing-Based Cryptography Library

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pbc-0.5.9 released

Michael Adjedj fixed a bug which caused element_pairing() to fail because of an uninitialized pointer.

Also I supported a feature request from Zi Lin, who wanted to raise an element in a finite group to an enormous power. The library now detects this and reduces the power modulo the order of the group before proceeding with the main loop.

Tue Oct 19 17:45:37 PDT 2010

pbc-0.5.8 released

Due to popular demand I changed the license from GPL To LGPL.

Wed May 19 11:54:07 PDT 2010

pbc-0.5.7 released

Many thanks to Zhang Ye, for contributing code that computes products of pairings. I’m told that using techniques described by Scott, Granger and Smart, the new function element_prod_pairing() is about 20% faster than a naive loop.

Mon Jan 25 04:13:56 PST 2010

C++ Wrappers

Many thanks to Aniket Kate for releasing C++ wrappers for the PBC library.

Mon Nov 9 23:19:50 PST 2009

Python bindings

Geremy Condra has written Python 3 bindings for PBC.

Sat Nov 7 15:01:28 PST 2009

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