The Pairing-Based Cryptography Library

News Archive 4

Released pbc-0.4.19

Yulian Kalev contributed a random number generator for Windows, using the Microsoft Crypto API.

Thu Mar 5 18:53:55 PST 2009

Released pbc-0.4.18

A minor bugfix, and an API change for curve finding functions.

Sat Jun 28 19:52:28 PDT 2008

Released pbc-0.4.17

Pairings now handle identity elements, a feature requested by Aniket Kate. In the past, my attitude was that the caller should check first, because in practical applications there’s never a need to feed an identity element into the pairing. But the cost of handling this special case is negligible, so I’ve changed my mind.

Sat Mar 15 15:56:22 PDT 2008

Released pbc-0.4.16

The files should be downloadable again.

No major changes. One example was removed, and the license was upgraded to GPLv3.

Thu Mar 13 14:27:40 PDT 2008

Released pbc-0.4.15

I stopped a crash when element_from_hash is called for GT on type D curves. Thanks to Paul Miller for reporting the bug.

Due to a horrible hashing routine, which I hope to fix one day, hashing to GT for D curves map everything to 1. The crash occurred because standardizing the coset representative uses an optimization involving Lucas sequences, which divides by zero when given 1.

Sun Mar 2 19:29:51 PST 2008

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